Imagine if your norwegian elopement could feel like something straight out of a fairy tale....

You could step right into a world of snow and ice, or where the sun shines all night....

Relax together in a cozy cabin, while you get ready for your elopement journey

Tick off some bucket list adventures....

Seal your commitment to each other with promise, integrity, and love

Creating lifetime experiences you will always remember, as uniquely yours.

Enchanted Dreams Photography


Tromsø, Norway - Elopement Photographer & Planner

You thrive in nature and desire a celebration that's as unique and adventurous as your love. so let's create your perfect, custom, hand-crafted Norwegian elopement experience.

Say "Goodbye" to the overwhelming task of filtering through endless information and details.
Say "No Thank you" to stressing over the how and where,
and trying to get everything aligned during your busy schedules.
 Let me handle every nuance, ensuring you can freely explore and savor
each moment in Norway's awe-inspiring landscapes—perfect for couples who say,
"let's skip the elaborate event and embrace the norwegian "Friluftsliv" culture instead."

Say "Goodbye" to the overwhelming task of filtering through endless information and details.

Say "No Thank you" to stressing over the how and where, and trying to get everything aligned during your busy schedules.

 Let me handle every nuance, ensuring you can freely explore and savor each moment in Norway's awe-inspiring landscapes

Perfect for couples who say

"let's skip the elaborate event and embrace the norwegian "Friluftsliv" culture instead."

That means you have chosen to care more about being in the moment, and about your personalised wedding experience, than other peoples expectations of you. You have chosen to be more present in your relationship, focus on each other, and celebrate your marriage in the way you intend to spend the rest of your life; together!

You have:

   ✔    thrown the rule book to the wind
   ✔    ditched the stress of planning a traditional wedding (after all your day deserves way more than a traditional wedding can offer anyway),

Well now you get to craft an elopement in Norway, that is a perfect reflection of your personalities and relationship. You get to take back all the choices for your wedding celebration, and open up all the possibilities.

"So, what now?"

You've decided a big wedding isn't for you...that's GREAT! and honestly I mean that!

Now this is where I come in

I'm not just your elopement photographer. I'm a local, which means I have the connections with local people and know the best vendors, who will care about making your celebration special, just as much as you do.

I know those perfect spots that wont be full of tourists, and I can fully walk you through the vision you have for your wedding in Norway!

I'm there to help you step by step with creating your elopement experience, from deciding where or when to elope in Norway, and organising your activities, to sharing those special moments with you once its all over. I will be your biggest cheerleader, and adventure buddy throughout the whole process. 

We used Enchanted Dreams for our adventure/hiking elopement in Norway and I don’t even know where to begin with how amazing everything was from start to finish…and beyond!
The day of our elopement was the best day, more than we could have wished for – and it wouldn’t have been half as good without Dani.

Adam & Jessica   | Oct 2022

Our elopement was the best day, more than we could have wished for – and it wouldn’t have been half as good without Dani.

Picturing your elopement day, past a short vow ceremony and some photos can be tough.

So many couples come to me saying "We just need an hour or two." And whilst for some this is true - most just don't know what's available to them. 

Imagining an entire day doing anything you want for most people is overwhelming. (I totally understand why)

The journey to your dream elopement begins long before you step onto Norwegian soil—

Envision the finale of your enchanting elopement:
You're nestled by a campfire next to the deep fjord, surrounded by majestic mountain peaks. Toasting marshmallows, sipping a hot drink, and reflecting on the day you've just had. You’re now officially a married couple, having said your vows and spent the whole day doing the things that mean everything to you.
As the twilight deepens, you gaze up to see not only a clear view of the milky way, but the celestial ballet of the Northern Lights swirling across the sky.

What was your favourite part of the day?

Was it drinking your morning coffee, whilst taking in the view from your cabin? Perhaps it was getting ready together and sharing the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming day. The moment of tranquillity right after your ceremony where you’re processing the emotions from the self-written vows, or the adrenaline rush of driving a snowmobile through the mountains…

However you decide to spend your day, you know you’re searching for an adventure that’s intimate, personal, and full of connection!
One that feels like a bespoke elopement experience, transforming your union into a tale from the fjords.
A day that's tailored just for you, not just another date on the calendar, but a celebration where every detail reflects your unique love story.

Face time your family

You might be a long way from home but connecting with loved ones just before (or after) your ceremony showing them the exceptional views can be a fantastic way to include them in your day.

Go Jet skiing

Across a crystal-clear fjord, and maybe take a dip in the arctic waters.

Swim with Orca

Just off the coasts of Norway or stay warm and watch them from the comfort of the boat while having a private meal.

Go ice fishing

Catch your evening meal, then grill it over an open fire whilst snuggled up in a blanket.

Take a multi-day dogsledding adventure into the wilderness

Really challenge your skills embracing everything Norway has to offer.

Take it easy and soak in the jacuzzi

With a rare glass of Norwegian distilled small batch whisky, or beer from the worlds northern most brewery.

Epic Elopement Ideas

Need some inspiration for things you could do during your elopement day?

I’m excited to be your Norwegian elopement photographer & planner.

With nearly a decade of experience in weddings and photography, a heartfelt dedication to crafting personal love stories. Guiding you through every decision, ensuring that the planning process is as smooth and stress-free as the serene Norwegian fjords.

Together, we will weave a timeline that not only highlights these spectacular activities but also leaves space for spontaneous magic to unfold, making your elopement truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Every call with me as your elopement planner will feel like a step deeper into the fairytale, with clear concise communication, and a no limits attitude, bringing your vision to life.

I Promise:

From your first enquiry to the delivery of the images and artwork for your walls, I will be there for you every step of the way.

I’m there to answer all the questions, send you all my resources and guides, and connect all the pieces for you. Not just for your Norwegian elopement day but for your whole trip!

Alleviating all the stress and worry from planning your Norwegian elopement, leaving you to just soak in everything Norway has to offer.

No two couples are the same, which is why I believe every elopement should be customised to each couple.

During the planning process I spend time getting to know you as the people you are, what makes you both tick, and your vision for the day.

This is how I can hand pick locations that I feel will give you everything you’re hoping for during your elopement.

With my local knowledge I can suggest places you otherwise would be unlikely to find through any non-Norwegian elopement photographer or Google alone.

The vendors you choose for your elopement can make or break your experience.

All the vendors I recommend have been personally tried, and tested, by me. They are all local people whose priority is to ensure your elopement day is the absolute best experience they can offer.

I will not recommend any service provider that I have not spent time getting to know personally, and had personal experience of their business and products.

This is so I can ensure they are offering the most exceptional service available locally, as your wedding day deserves the very best.

There is so much that goes into ensuring your photos convey the true emotions and experience of your day.

One of the most important things is making sure your images are taken at the best time of day, whilst I cannot control the weather, knowing when the lighting will be at its best in your chosen location is something I can control.

Having a backup plan for everything the arctic weather can throw your way, which will give you equal opportunity for the perfect moments, is also important.

I take on the coordination so you don’t have to spend your day watching the clock, or worrying about how long it might take to drive from a to b on winter roads if the plans have to take a last min detour.

I will always remember my first trip to Norway, armed with a tonne of Google research, and an even bigger enthusiasm to tick off all the “top tourist points”.

I hired a car, and I was off on a solo adventure in the arctic…Then I met a local, and I will always be so grateful for that.

They showed me the real Norway, the Norway I could not have ever experienced on my own. Explained the culture, told the local stories, and shared the passion Norwegians hold for their country and nature.

It’s why I’m always so enthusiastic to show you the place I’m now able to call home, and share that unbelievable feeling I know you will have, experiencing everything Norway offers.

1. I will be with you from beginning to end.

2. Hand-picked locations

3. Vendor bookings and communication

4. Timeline, Logistics & Coordination handled for you.

5. You get to experience Norway the local way!

Planning your elopement will feel exciting, and simple because you’ll be guided along the way by a local Norwegian elopement photographer and planner aka. Elopement guru/ your personal expert magic maker.

Sit back and relax knowing your perfect Norwegian elopement will be taken care of for you!

Together we will co-create your custom elopement experience. while I deal with all of the logistics, all you need to do is come up with your wildest dreams!

Let me take the reins


I will put together a proposal with a range of 100% custom Norwegian elopement packages based on what you tell me you want.
 I will also add in some of my own ideas that I think might make a little extra magic for your elopement day!

Pick your totally custom package


Your first step is to get in contact. We then will hop on a video call where we get to know each other.

No two couple are the same, and my approach it 100% customised t you. So its important I can get a feel for what's important to you, and your elopement vision.

Let's get on a consult call


The Next Steps to Your  Dream Norwegian Elopement

Seem simple? That's because it is!

From the initial consultation to the final delivery of the photographs, every step of the process was seamless and professional. She took the time to understand my vision and preferences, ensuring that every moment was captured exactly as I envisioned.

Jeet & Ashley | Jan 2024

She took the time to understand my vision and preferences, ensuring that every moment was captured exactly as I envisioned.

We believe in

'The world is changed by your example' - Paul Coelho


Everything we do leaves a trace on our ever fragile environment. This is never more noticeable than now with our climate almost at the brink. Enchanted Dreams Photography fully supports the 'Leave No Trace' guidelines and considers the environmental aspect at all points through our journey with you as a couple. 

Not only can we advise you fully on how you can make your wedding as environmentally friendly as possible, but we fully offset the carbon footprint of our work every year, through various projects across the world. Projects like Carbon Capture and storage, tree plantations, and other renewable energy projects.

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You can never put a price on an image, each moment only happens once. 

Post Covid we will be offering adventure photography tuition!

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