Let me start off by saying there is not one associate link in this post. Yes that’s right, I will be earning nothing from this post at all. I just genuinely believe they are an amazing cause to support and I hope you do too.

Each year I donate part of Enchanted Dreams Photography’s business profits to worth while environmental causes. I do this as every person on the planet has a carbon footprint, and its at a point where no one can ignore the impacts they have on this planet. When I started photography again, I decided that sustainability would be one of my company values. To achieve true sustainability within my business I would at least offset the carbon footprint of my own company. Whilst researching I learnt, to my own surprise, that I already had a fairly low personal carbon footprint, however there were some areas where I could still improve.

Who are Mossy.Earth?

Each year I change out the project that I support as a business. After coming across an amazing YouTube video produced by Mossy.Earth I decided to do some more research. Mossy Earth are team of 10 biologists, managers and conservationists co-founded by Matt and Duarte. They are a for profit company, who aim to create independent and sustainable long-term funding for impactful conservation projects.

Mossy Earth partner with environmentally conscious businesses to restore wilderness and fight climate change through rewilding and reforestation initiatives. Mossy Earth have a wide range of projects, mainly in Europe, but also across the world. They aim to deliver projects that see the highest environmental return on investment.

What do Mossy.Earth do, and why is it so special?

Mossy Earth have a large number of rewilding projects they are funding. Including reforestation, carbon sequestration, and conservation projects. Mossy Earth takes a unique approach to the huge problem of climate change, and uses the most up to date research for how they can tackle the global crisis we all face. From kelp regeneration, to forest replantation and water management, their focus is on an all round environmental impact. Not just simply from the view of one species, but ensuring the whole eco system of any project is considered. They not only plant trees to help carbon emissions, but use the whole natural process of an area to ensure a larger impact.

Why I Choose to Support Mossy.Earth

For me, the outside of the box way that Mossy.Earth approach conservation was what intrigued me. Their unique approach to the climate crisis, and championship of the often overlooked key players in an eco system, really makes Mossy.Earth stand out from the usual climate conservation teams. They are also extremely transparent with where the money you donate is spent. As they are not a charity they have less restrictions on how they manage their systems. However, they send all members a monthly report explaining exactly what they have done with your monthly donation. You can see exactly which projects your money has helped, and locate with GPS coordinates where each tree they plant in your name is. You receive 360° photos, on-the-ground videos, and detailed quarterly budget reports. With regular educational and entertaining video content, they truly manage to shine light on the important work they do.

Visual representation of all the rewilding and reforestation projects we have contributed to through donations to Mossy.Earth
Some of the rewilding and reforestation projects we have already been a part of.


Mossy.Earth is an innovative and important program that is working to conserve and restore our environment. By focusing on the role of the whole ecosystem rather than individual species they can maximise their impact. You can see from the results in the monthly reports the positive impact they are making on local communities, as well as our planet. Look our for our regular updates from Mossy.Earth to see how working with us on your elopement can make your day a little more sustainable.

Mossy.Earth – Why they will be our supported sustainability project for this year.

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