You want those amazing photographs, with those epic landscapes, for your elopement. However, the thought of being in front of someone’s camera stops you from contacting the photographer who’s work speaks to you most. Perhaps you feel your “just not like those other people they photograph”. Does this sound a little too familiar? Let me tell you a little secret, those people said exactly the same thing! The truth is no one feels confident in front of a camera at first. Even seasoned models can feel self-conscious when working with someone new. If your still not convinced, then follow these 3 Ways To Relax In Font Of The Camera On Your Elopement Day. I promise those photographs are going to come out better than you expect.

Last weekend I finally mustered up the courage to have my headshots done. It was the first time I have personally had professional photos taken of myself. Let’s just say as much as I love being behind a camera, I wasn’t so confident in front of one. I’m all too aware of those flaws that a photographer’s eye picks up on right away, and honestly very aware of my own perceived insecurities. In the lead up to the photo session you have no idea how many times I very nearly cancelled or wished the weather would be awful, so I didn’t have to go and “embarrass myself” as I feared I would. However, by following these three tips, for the first time ever I enjoyed having my photo’s taken. I did not feel awkward, and I actually love the results!

1.      Get to know your photographer

This step is super important, the more you know them the better they can serve you. Getting to know your photographer will make your entire elopement experience seem like a day out with a good friend. Relieving that stress of the camera being front and centre and focusing on being present in the moment. Your elopement day should be unique and special to you as a couple, and you’re going to be spending a large part of it with your chosen photographer. It’s important they know you, and you don’t feel like they are a stranger.

Don’t be afraid to ask them questions, not just about their work but their life too. If possible, meet them before you book, preferably in person but at very least over video call. It can be difficult to really get a true sense of a person via email or phone call. Video allows you to see their body language, read their expressions and see how they react to you and your elopement plans. Getting to know your photographer will help you relax during your elopement day, as you will know they want the very best for you.

2.      Wear something you’re comfortable in

There is nothing that’s going to make you look stuffy in photos faster than being uncomfortable in your choice of elopement attire. Don’t feel pressured into meeting those societal gender normative stereotypes when it comes to what you wear on your elopement day. If your more comfortable in a suit than a dress or vice versa then wear whatever makes you happy. Heck, if your more comfortable in your pj’s that’s cool too, its your day no one else’s!

Choose comfortable shoes, no one wants to be unable to walk at the end of a long day. You will also want to be focusing more on your significant other than your painful feet. This goes for any make up or hair style you might decide on too, keep it simple and stay close to your everyday look. It can be tempting to try out some new colour, or style for your elopement day, however, you will want to still look like you. If you get your photographs back and you can’t recognise yourself, or the hair style didn’t hold up to your days activities you will likely be disappointed. You will find it much easier to relax while having your photos taken, if you know your chosen style for the day suits you, and you’re not adjusting clothing all day.

3.      Take your time

Allowing extra time throughout your elopement day allows you to relax and enjoy what’s happening around you. In turn allowing you to forget the camera is there. If you’re running late, it can be very stressful, and cause missed photo opportunities. You will also look your best if you have spent your day enjoying it for what it is, rather than feeling rushed and pressured to be somewhere at a certain time. For most couples, they decide on an elopement to avoid the stress of a traditional wedding, so don’t allow those feelings to creep into your elopement day. If there’s just one too many things you really want to do during your elopement, consider making it a multi-day celebration. Multi-day elopements are very common, after all we threw the rulebook out when you decided to elope so why not celebrate for 2 or more days?

Whatever you choose for your elopement day, make sure its authentic to who you are. If you’re not being authentically you, you’re not going to be able to truly relax and enjoy your day. I want you to remember exactly that, IT’S YOUR DAY, no one else’s! Your elopement day should have no judgment, no pressure, no stress. Most importantly it should be a celebration of your love for yourselves and each other, just with some extra memorable moments captured forever. Plus if you follow these 3 Ways To Relax In Font Of The Camera On Your Elopement Day, you can be sure you will rock your photos!

Photos by the wonderful Villfoto

3 Ways To Relax In Font Of The Camera On Your Elopement Day

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