Choosing the perfect location for your elopement can be a difficult and drawn out process. You might know you want gorgeous scenery but perhaps your not sure if you want to elope at the top of a mountain or by the waters edge? You might have an idea if you want cold weather or warm, however you still haven’t found that place that speaks to your soul. Well I’m about to show you why Norway is the best place to elope! Norway gives you all the options without having to compromise!

01. Breathtakingly Beautiful Scenery

Norway has some of the worlds most famous scenery! You might not know much about Norway, however its impossible to not conjure up those Insta worthy images of Fjords and mountains when you think of Norway. It’s not just the fjords and mountains though, the miles and miles of pine and birch forests; to the arctic tundra of the Northern Cape. The bustling lively urban cityscapes of Oslo, or hiking accessible glaciers, and waterfalls around every corner. Maybe a quaint little fishing village in Lofoten is more the vibe to suit your elopement. There is a special place for every couple, that will inspire those feelings of adoration and put you in the perfect environment for saying your wedding vows.

02. Culture

Norway is rich in culture which can be seen in the traditional architecture and brightly painted houses. From the Viking history in the south to the indigenous Sampi people of the north. Fishing, hunting, and reindeer herding all have deep roots in the Norwegian traditions as well as a strong WWII connection. Norwegian people are very proud of their traditions and still regularly wear the traditional national dress, the Bunad, on special occasions. Folk law and fairy-tale are strong in Norwegian culture too and I’m not talking pink princesses in towers, more brothers Grimm style with trolls and monsters to steal you away into the forest.

03. Four Defined Seasons

Norway offers eloping couples almost every weather condition imaginable throughout the year. Unlike some other places the seasons are fairly guaranteed to give you exactly the conditions you would expect, just maybe not when you would expect them. Writing this towards the end of May we are only just getting the start of spring but its wonderful. Its true winter is long here and most people come here to experience the winter and all it has to offer. However many forget the rest of the year and the unique magic each arctic season brings. For a more in depth look into when would be best for you to elope in Norway and what each season offers take a look here.

04. Inclusivity

Whilst Norwegians are very traditional, they are also very open minded and forward thinking. LGBTQ+ couples are openly welcomed in Norway, not only by the state but the people and even the church. If you like the look of the little wood built Scandinavian designed churches for your vow ceremony, as an LGBTQ+ couple you can arrange to say your vows in any of the churches during a religious marriage ceremony. If this isn’t for you then you can also have a civil ceremony performed by the local appointed people.

05. Freedom to Roam

You have total freedom in Norway with very few exceptions. That means if you see a spot you think might have an amazing view, you can hike there! Yes even if that is someone’s private land. The majority of wilderness in Norway is state owned, however even if its not many places have no restrictions for access. There are a few exceptions, like military areas, however if your perfect elopement spot happens to be in one of these areas or someone’s private land, you can easily apply for a permit or simply permission to hold your ceremony there.

National parks are also often free to hold your ceremony. Some parks might have other restrictions to consider like no drone flying or preservation of rare species. There is also often no motorised vehicle access into the wilderness for similar reasons. Norway is packed full of animals and plants that are found in very few other places in the world, and they are highly protected so any elopements should follow the leave no trace guidelines.

06. The Aurora

This one really doesn’t need much explanation, who hasn’t dreamed of sitting round a campfire, drinking cocoa, warming those marshmallows and watching the sky dance in greens, reds, blues, pinks and all the shades of lady aurora? Now add to that saying your vows to that one perfect person in that once in a lifetime moment.

It doesn’t even have to be all that cold, the Northern lights can be seen as early as September, before the snow has set in. However if winter wonderland is what your after, I recommend January and February for the most chance to witness the magic. Polar night gives very few hours of daylight and maximum dark time.

07. Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun is the complete polar opposite of the Aurora months (pun intended). The land of midnight sun is something very few people experience and its beautiful beyond compare. Lush mountain meadows, calm mirror clear fjords, and hours of sunset leading straight into sunrise. Flawless lighting conditions for your elopement photos, and very few other people in some of those more frequently visited locations. You can make use of every minute of your elopement in Norway during the summer. Hiking through the night to your ideal location whilst everyone else sleeps and enjoying the tranquillity.

08. You Can Elope Whilst on Vacation

If you live in the EU, or some other locations you don’t need a specific visa to elope in Norway. Check out for the full details that apply to you. The legal residence definition for marriage in Norway is different than most people think. It covers those with visitors visa’s even if that visa is an automatic right through the EEA. Which means if you can take a vacation in Norway, you can get legally married here too.

Eloping in Norway really can cater for everyone, no matter what your ideal elopement looks like. With its expansive culture, breath-taking beauty, and inclusivity your sure to find the perfect place to elope in Norway. If you still need a little convincing, look out for our next post. It will share some of the best locations to elope in Norway. Alternatively reach out, I’d be excited to discuss your elopement with you in detail, or to help you find that special place to elope.

8 Reasons Norway is the Best Place to Elope

  1. Molly says:

    Yup, I want to elope in Norway!!! Beautiful

  2. Mary says:

    Norway is SUCH a dream for elopement or just for a regular travel visit. I really want to see the Aurora one day.

  3. Sienna says:

    Norway seems so gorgeous, I hope to see more elopements being shot here!

  4. Natalie says:

    You are making me want to go to Norway so badly! What a great list of reasons to elope in Norway — sounds like such a dream location. The aurora is reason enough for me to go, but your other reasons are equally compelling. I love that there are few restrictions when it comes to exploring the land. Thanks for putting this together!

  5. Leo says:

    You’ve sold me on a trip to Norway! Definitely going to be planning a northern lights trip, thanks for the inspiration.


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